Mathias Goeritz


Villacero Foundation set up a sculpture of artist Mathias Goeritz supporting Cim*ab Foundation’s cause against breast cancer.

The pink sculpture of 20ft. high and one ton in weight was placed in front of one of Villacero’s corporate buildings, on Ricardo Margáin Avenue, in Valle del Campestre, in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León.

The president of Villacero Foundation, Lorena Villarreal Treviño, Cim*ab Foundation president Gabriela Izquierdo Bosch, and Villacero Foundation Director, Guillermo Mac Lean, were among the attendants.

The pink statue placement intends to create awareness about breast cancer to whoever sees it, and, this way, spread the prevention of this disease.

According to the state’s Health Department, each year in Nuevo León, approximately 250 new breast cancer cases are detected.

The sculpture “Infinity Column”, originally in orange, is part of a series of 19 similar pieces that Villacero acquired, which were made by artist Goeritz 30 years ago and restored totally by Villacero for its exhibits.

Cim*ab Foundation is a non-profit NGO originated in October, 2002, with the goal of contributing to reduce breast cancer mortality in Mexico through education, information, service for patients, and impact on public policy.

Villacero Group congratulates Villacero Foundation for the implementation of these kinds of actions, oriented to create awareness among citizens in health topics, and thus contributing to the full development of Mexican society.

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